Whoa a new episode of Playable Characters? Yes please!  Hi everyone, Brian here. I'm back kinda! Look, let's just all agree that this show is the best...View Details

It's good to be back! Especially when your guests are 2 of the toughest, gang-fighting heroes ever. Today Brian is joined by the Double Dragon bros th...View Details

Today Brian is joined by a very social and rambunctious customer from Tapper's Bar. If you know and love the old arcade game Tapper, you know what I'm...View Details

The force is strong with this episode. Today, Brian is joined by Kyle Katarn, the guy known for stealing the actual blueprints of the Death Star. We g...View Details

Well Happy Memorial Day! Today Brian is joined by the man that started the biggest inexplicable craze ever in Pokemon, Professor Oak! They talk about ...View Details

Even during these crazy times, Nintendo keeps surprising us and doing amazing things. Like opening up an amusement park! Today Brian is joined by Jerr...View Details

Level 203 - A Goomba

If there's one video game character that's killed more people than Mario himself, it's probably today's guest, a Goomba! I'm talking with one of the M...View Details

Round 2...PODCAST! Today, in this surprise awesome super cool episode, Brian sits down with Eddie Tramplestein, Johnny Cage's agent. Eddie joined us b...View Details

Surprise! We're back with a small, but hilarious, episode. Brian and his pal, TJ Del Reno, were chatting about the cult arcade fighting game "Time Kil...View Details

[fanfare/horns/applause/cheers] WE HAVE REACHED LEVEL 200!!! Folks! This is the 200th episode of the funniest video game podcast in the world! Brian h...View Details

The Mushroom Kingdom is a non-stop party, hence the dozens of Mario Party games. Today, Brian's guest the Mario Party Planner. He talks about how he t...View Details

Level 198 - Pokemon Namer

We know that we have to catch 'em all. But who gets to NAME 'em all? Brian's guest today is the gentleman who has the monumental task of actually nami...View Details

You better check yourself, before you Wreck-It Ralph yourself! Because today we are joined by the father of Fix It Felix, Jr...Fix It Felix, Sr! Him a...View Details

On your marks, get set...GO! And enjoy today's great episode where Brian sits down with the legendary Excitebike guy! They talk about growing up with ...View Details

To celebrate this beautiful new year and winter, today Brian is talking with one of the Ice Climbers! Him and Popo talk about parkas, the polar bear w...View Details

Attention, all ye' Skyrim folk! Be on the watch, for there are many arrows heading to yon knees. Today, Brian speaks with one such fellow who took an ...View Details

Fresh off the controversy that is the most-anticipated-turned-biggest-disappointment of the year, Brian sits down today and talks with someone from Ni...View Details

Level 192 - Pitfall Harry

Coming straight out the jungles of Atari-land, it's Pitfall Harry! Brian sits down with one of the first video game characters EVER today. They talk a...View Details

May the fourth be with us today as we welcome Dash Rendar to the studio! Dash, as we all know, is the star of the N64 Star Wars game, Shadow of the Em...View Details

Don't get all sus, everybody. Today Brian chats with one of the stars of the mobile game that's sweeping the nation right now, The Imposter from Among...View Details

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