Level 134 - Bowsette

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder here, we're joined today by the mystery woman herself, Bowsette! We talk to this definitely real per...View Details

1 and 2 and 3 and 4! We're so tired from dancing all day interviewing this amazing Just Dance choreographer! Zack the Dancer talks to us all about tha...View Details

Continuing our mission to help those in need, today we had the pleasure of talking with 2 lovely people who currently live in a building that keeps ge...View Details

Level 131 - Wart

All bow down as we welcome King Wart! We talk to the underappreciated final boss of Super Mario Bros 2 today about his life in Mario's subcon, King Bo...View Details

Level 130 - Tapper

Drink it up, people! We're talking with Tapper today. That's right, everyone's favorite bartender joins us in the studio to talk about his clientele, ...View Details

Level 129 - Luigi

Let's-a-go! Someone who literally needs no introduction is with us today. We are THRILLED to welcome the one and only Luigi!!! We talk to him about st...View Details

OK. We all know Katamari Damacy is one of the weirdest games ever made. So we obviously had to get the Prince on our show! We talk to him about his be...View Details

Level 127 - Afro Thunder

Awww yeah baby! Afro Thunder is in the house! We talk to this boxing gaming legend about boxing, the rise of the Dreamcast, and that amazing hair. Enj...View Details

We're so excited to share with you our live episode from this year's Long Island Retro Gaming Expo! Recorded back on August 10th, Brian & Calvin w...View Details

We thought we were going to have Lu Bu, Dynasty Warriors legend on today, but today we have someone who is trying to become the NEXT Lu Bu...even thou...View Details

Namast-HEY!!! We are so happy to welcome back someone we had on our 100th episode for just a few minutes. Please enjoy our soothing chat with the Wii ...View Details

BATTER UP! Today we talk to a real professional athlete! It's a first for us here at PCP to have an actual created baseball player from the popular ML...View Details

Who doesn't love treasure??? Well today's guest certainly does. We talk to a gentleman today who used to be partners with Nathan Drake running around ...View Details

Level 121 - Samus Aran

As if this guest needs any introduction. We are overjoyed today to speak with the legend herself, Samus! She opens up to us about her weapons, Mother ...View Details

We're all about giving people their voice here at PCP, and today we have the guy that ALMOST got the TOASTY job in Mortal Kombat (the actual guy was b...View Details

We don't want to divide the world here with our political views, but it's time we got down to business on Playable Characters Podcast. Today we speak ...View Details

Out of all the characters with hooks for hands, we definitely got the best one. Please enjoy our episode with Donkey Kong Country 2's Krook! We talk a...View Details

Hold onto your hats, everyone! Today we're joined by Mario's new best friend from Super Mario Odyssey, Cappy! We talk to him about Mario's head (of co...View Details

Level 116 - Kitana

Round 116...FIGHT! So excited to have another princess with us today. Please enjoy our in-depth conversation with the only and only Kitana. We talk to...View Details

ALALALALALE!!! Holy cow...today we talk to the star of her very own Playstation 1 game, Xena Warrior Princess! Calvin was SO in his wheelhouse and Bri...View Details

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