We always like to check in with some of the legends of gaming here at PCP. So today we're happy to have the former "boy" from A Boy & His Blob. He...View Details

Hola! Today we are joined by one of the hardest working women in gaming, the lady who cleans the Tetris blocks at the end of the night WHICH IS DEFINI...View Details

We've all had a bad roommate or 2 in our lives so we were very excited to talk with Link's roommate today. He tells us all about what it's like living...View Details

A little something different this week... We've been going non-stop for 144 straight weeks so for our 145th today, we wanted to give a little sneak pe...View Details

Today's special episode is from our live show at the Retro Game Con from November 2019! We had the pleasure of chatting with 2 recent guests who just ...View Details

BOY! And girls! Today we are joined by none other than Kratos' son, Atreus! We talk to him about his super intense dad, traveling the realms, and ther...View Details

Level 142 - Mega Man X

We are eXtremely eXcited today to be joined by Mega Man X! We talk to the coolest robot in the world about the future, Mavericks, and sex robots. Enjo...View Details

Really great having this unsung hero join us today. We talk with Oliver, one of the truck drivers in the iconic Frogger franchise. We talk to him abou...View Details

Today we're joined by another pillar of the scientific gaming community. Please enjoy our chat with the guy who invented the arm that is used by the B...View Details

Hang loose and cowabunga, everyone. Today we talk to that cool surfer dude from the classic California Games. He enlightens us on the right surfing ge...View Details

It's always nice when politicians take some time to talk with the little people like us. Today we're joined by the Mayor of Sim City! We talk about ho...View Details

Call the search off. We found her! We're joined by the world's greatest spy, Carmen Sandiego! We talk to her about her life of crime, her favorite thi...View Details

Because it's still Halloween somewhere, today on the show we had Zeke & Julie from the cult classic, Zombies Ate My Neighbors! They're all grown u...View Details

For the first time in podcast history, we here at the Playable Characters Podcast get to interview an actual babality victim. Our guest today was turn...View Details

Level 134 - Bowsette

Just when you thought it couldn't get any weirder here, we're joined today by the mystery woman herself, Bowsette! We talk to this definitely real per...View Details

1 and 2 and 3 and 4! We're so tired from dancing all day interviewing this amazing Just Dance choreographer! Zack the Dancer talks to us all about tha...View Details

Continuing our mission to help those in need, today we had the pleasure of talking with 2 lovely people who currently live in a building that keeps ge...View Details

Level 131 - Wart

All bow down as we welcome King Wart! We talk to the underappreciated final boss of Super Mario Bros 2 today about his life in Mario's subcon, King Bo...View Details

Level 130 - Tapper

Drink it up, people! We're talking with Tapper today. That's right, everyone's favorite bartender joins us in the studio to talk about his clientele, ...View Details

Level 129 - Luigi

Let's-a-go! Someone who literally needs no introduction is with us today. We are THRILLED to welcome the one and only Luigi!!! We talk to him about st...View Details

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