Out of the BILLIONS of Pokemon out there in the wild, somehow Ditto found his way into our hearts. Today we talk with Ditto, the amorphous, genderless...View Details

It's always nice when we can finally get a VERY requested guest to join us on the podcast. Today we have an original PlayStation icon, Spyro the Drago...View Details

We know this might be controversial, but here at PCP we like to hear all the sides of the story. So today we're giving a voice to the CEO of Umbrella ...View Details

Level 102- Ken

It's almost like it's Calvin's birthday because today we have the legend from Street Fighter, Ken Masters! The blonde bro with the red jumpsuit joins ...View Details

Ladies and gentlemen...we are 101 weeks old. And we're just getting warmed up! Today we're joined by the agent of one of the newest announced MK11 cha...View Details

CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER! Holy cow everyone! We are SO excited that Brian & Calvin got to commentate a real, live Super Smash Bros Ultimate battle! Wha...View Details

With just 1 more week to go before our big 100th episode, we can't think of a better person to speak with than the actual front desk receptionist at C...View Details

As we speed into our 100th episode in just a few more weeks, we keep getting the huge megastars on the show! Please enjoy our great chat with the one ...View Details

In yet another huge FIRST here at Playable Characters Podcast, today we are talking to Duke Nukem and the Minecraft Lady! Why are we talking to them t...View Details

Well g'day mates! So excited to have Crash Bandicoot with us today! The original Playstation 1 mascot joins us to talk about his pants-only lifestyle,...View Details

Level 95 - Agent Golgo 13

Fire up your time machines because we're going way back for this one! Today we're joined by the top-secret super spy, Agent Golgo 13! We talk to him a...View Details

Despite being one of the BUSIEST characters in gaming, we're so happy today's guest could join us. Enjoy our episode with Stella, the pink Angry Bird!...View Details

Level 93 - Lakitu

Hey! You! Get off of my cloud...and into today's guest, Lakitu! We talk to this Mushroom Kingdom resident about her time slinging Spiny's at Mario, ha...View Details

Happy New Year's, everyone! Here at Playable Characters Podcast, we like to help people. Not just your famous hero or villain from games. But sometime...View Details

OH HELLO THERE WELCOME TO PODCAST YES? PLEASE ENTER YOUR NAME. Today we are interviewing an adventurer from a JRPG! We talk to him about his quests, t...View Details

In this post-apocalyptic world we live in, we're very humbled and blessed to have with us a survivor from the Fallout 76 world. She talks to us about ...View Details

Holy smokes! Today we're talking to the Grim Reaper that appears in the retro gaming smash hit, Paperboy! For a guy that steals souls for a living, he...View Details

Very excited to have a real Liberty City native with us today! We're joined by Ike "Sweets" Jackson today and he tells us all about growing up in Libe...View Details

*****We have some slight audio problems with this episode, but it's still completely listenable. Just a little 'tinny' (if that's a word).***** Yeeee-...View Details

So excited to have the protege of one of the most kick-ass Street Fighter characters ever, Chun-Li! She talks to us about what it was like to train wi...View Details

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