Have you ever wondered how all of those books get all over Skyrim? Today we're joined by a very important person to keep those people literate! We hav...View Details

Level 160 - Psycho Mantis

Hey everyone! Trying something different for the first time. We're doing remote recordings! Usually we have our esteemed guests come all the way from ...View Details

Today, we're super excited to be joined by the coolest pixelated hedgehog, Shadow! We talk to him about how he got his start, Sonic of course, and rac...View Details

We want to do our part here to keep everyone safe during these troubling times, so today we're talking with another medical professional. We're joined...View Details

It's always a big deal for us when we get anyone from Hyrule on the show. Today we're talking with the Old Man from the Legend of Zelda. We talk to hi...View Details

90 second trailer for Playable Characters Podcast (with short clips from our interviews with the Super Smash TV host, Princess Peach & Princess Da...View Details

There's probably no better guest (OR GAME!) to spend your time with during the quarantine than Animal Crossing! Today we're joined by a villager and w...View Details

***This was recorded last week BEFORE the apocalypse, hence no mention of it. Stay clean and safe out there, folks!*** AMURRRRRRICA! Today we're joine...View Details

Level 154 - Jigglypuff

We're joined today by one of the biggest and most famous Pokemon ever, Jigglypuff! We talk to them about Smash Bros, having amazing powers, and the mu...View Details

This episode is sure to knock you out because today we have the legendary Soda Popinski! The Punch-Out star talks to us about his boxing career, his h...View Details

After 152 episodes, we finally booked one of Brian's favorite characters ever, Pimple from Battletoads! We talk with him about his teammates Rash and ...View Details

It's always sad when a super famous video game couple can't work things out, but that's why we feel obligated to let the public know the details. Pac-...View Details

150 episodes!!! Wow. To celebrate this never-done-before milestone in podcasting, we're talking to the one and only Dr. Mario's malpractice lawyer. We...View Details

Fresh off a hot bath and his new mega successful Netflix series, we have the star of one of the most popular games ever, The Witcher3, please welcome ...View Details

We always like to check in with some of the legends of gaming here at PCP. So today we're happy to have the former "boy" from A Boy & His Blob. He...View Details

Hola! Today we are joined by one of the hardest working women in gaming, the lady who cleans the Tetris blocks at the end of the night WHICH IS DEFINI...View Details

We've all had a bad roommate or 2 in our lives so we were very excited to talk with Link's roommate today. He tells us all about what it's like living...View Details

A little something different this week... We've been going non-stop for 144 straight weeks so for our 145th today, we wanted to give a little sneak pe...View Details

Today's special episode is from our live show at the Retro Game Con from November 2019! We had the pleasure of chatting with 2 recent guests who just ...View Details

BOY! And girls! Today we are joined by none other than Kratos' son, Atreus! We talk to him about his super intense dad, traveling the realms, and ther...View Details

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