Level 80 - Altered Beast

RIIIIIIISE FROM YOUR GRAAAAVE...and enjoy a truly special episode of Playable Characters Podcast. We don't want to give away too much here in the note...View Details

OK, so this one is crazy. We actually have one of the children that Michael Jackson 'rescued' from the ol' Genesis classic, Moonwalker! He had a tough...View Details

Level 78 - Toad

SPECIAL EDITION!!! Ladies and gentlemen. Our guest today, he's here to defend some recent allegations made about him in the news. He needs no introduc...View Details

We had to get a special studio today so we could accommodate our guest, a dragon from Skyrim. We talk about the land of Skyrim, dragon (dova) language...View Details

Come on in, take off your shoes, and have a spot of tea with us and our guest today, Alfred from the Batman: Arkham series! Such a treat to have a tru...View Details

Happy Labor Day! WOW!!! 75 episodes and we're still here. Thank you all for enjoying what we do, week in and week out. It's huge. And speaking of huge...View Details

We LOVE talking to the legends, the originals, the groundbreakers here at Playable Characters Podcast. As one of the funnest basketball games EVER, Do...View Details

Hocus pocus! Today we talk with the extremely interesting Kamek! You may know this Magikoopa from his appearances in many, many Super Mario games. We ...View Details

Fresh off the heels of our first live show at the Long Island Retro Expo this weekend, we are joined by the wife of a true retro legend in the studio ...View Details

W.O.W! Today we talk with someone from one of the most popular video games on Earth, the all-knowing, all-selling Auctioneer from the World of Warcraf...View Details

Characters...Playable Characters. We hope you enjoy our shaken, not stirred, episode where we talk to Nikolai, a guard from one of the most popular ga...View Details

It's hard to write a description for our guest today since he is, indeed, the Mysterious Stranger from the Fallout series. You know him as the guy tha...View Details

A long time ago, in a podcast far far away, we interviewed a droid from Star Wars: Battlefront. Please enjoy our episode today with JAC-0B, a droid wi...View Details

JUST SAY...YES...to today's episode! We interview Max Force, the blue cop from one of the best arcade games ever, N.A.R.C.! We talk to him about clean...View Details

Yo yo yo we gots Chinchilla da Mic Killah droppin' some fat ass rhymes and bars with us today! If you've ever wanted to talk to the cousin of a super ...View Details

Level 65 - Mileena

We are thrilled (and terrified) to be have Mileena in the studio today! We talk to this Mortal Kombat veteran about her dad, her sister, and her enorm...View Details

Level 64 - Bayou Billy

Hello to all you PCP listeners! Today on the podcast we got one-hit wonder Bayou Billy! That's right, the cajun with the terrible NES game (but great ...View Details

Atten-Hut! Listen up maggots, today in the studio we got General Lieutenant Soldier Jax from Mortal Kombat! The man with the iconic "Got'cha!" face ba...View Details

Here at Playable Characters Podcast, we understand what you, the fans, want to hear. Which is why today in the studio, we have the final boss from EVE...View Details

Happy Memorial Day! In honor of such a patriotic holiday, we're thrilled to have a real politician on the podcast. Today we're speaking with Jim Metro...View Details

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