Happy Labor Day! WOW!!! 75 episodes and we're still here. Thank you all for enjoying what we do, week in and week out. It's huge. And speaking of huge, today's episode is a very special LIVE show we recorded at the awesome Long Island Retro Gaming Expo back on August 11th, 2018. We were joined by Fat Megaman 1 Boxart Guy and 2 Rival Pokemon trainers. It was super fun.

***Unfortunately, the audio didn't work out the best way we had hoped, but it's still listenable, if that's a word. We know it's not the best, but we still hope you enjoy. There's also a full video on our Facebook and YouTube pages if you'd like to watch how fun this was and see the great costumes.***

Hope you enjoy! Here's to 75 more!

Starring TJ Del Reno as Megaman and Andrew Del Vecchio and Patrick Reidy as Rival Pokemon Trainers

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