Level 51 - Teersa from Horizon Zero Dawn

March 19, 2018

All hail the Playable Characters Podcast and The Earth Mother! This week we're joined by Teersa, one of the Nora elders in Horizon Zero Dawn. We learn all about her people's ways and what they worship. And also her hatred of the Karja. Enjoy!

Starring Dan Wilbur (@DanWilbur)


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LEVEL 50 - Hairstylist from Final Fantasy

March 12, 2018

We've reached Level 50!!! And what better way to max out our XP than to talk with an amazing hair dresser and stylist from the world of Final Fantasy, Masaki! From Cloud to Chocobos to whatever else is in Final Fantasy, this guy has done it all. Enjoy his amazing journey. 

Starring Fumi Abe (@TheFumiAbe)



Episode 49 - Peppy Hare from Starfox

March 5, 2018

You're gonna do so many barrel rolls after listening to this episode! We got Peppy Hare in the studio today! We talk to this long tenured member of Team Starfox about his many missions, his love for Fox, and his hatred of Andross. FOOOOXXXXX!!!!!!

Starring Patrick Reidy (@ThePatReidy)

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Episode 48 - Rapping Nintendo Kid

February 26, 2018

We're the Playable Characters Podcast and we're here to say. We love our podcast in a major way. Yeah yeah yeah! We gettin' old school today on PCP! Join us as we talk with DJ Playa 1. You may know him as one of the kids in that silly Nintendo commercial back in the late 80's rapping about Zelda. Well he's all grown up and still rapping. Enjoy and keep it real, playas!

Starring Ken Schultz (@Kenschultz_)


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Episode 47 - Princess Peach & Princess Daisy

February 19, 2018

Show me another podcast that gets THIS much royalty on one episode!!! It is our tremendous honor to have BFF's Princess Peach & Princess Daisy with us today. We really get into a lot of detail about Peach's "kidnappings", their incredible dynamic together, and just what really goes down in the Mushroom Kingdom. Enjoy!

Starring Meredith Nein and Cait Moldenhauer from the There Will Be Drinking podcast! (www.morebanana.com)

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It's also Brian's birthday today so eat some carvel ice cream cake (just the vanilla part) for him.

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Episode 46 - Wario & Waluigi’s mom

February 12, 2018

MAMA MIA! We got a spicy meat-a-ball in the studio today. Please join us in welcoming the mother of Wario & Waluigi! It was such a treat to have this lovely woman give us all the history of the Mario family. Enjoy!

Starring Joe Pontilo (@JoePontillo)


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Episode 45 - Master Mike the Mini Boss

February 5, 2018

We're so thrilled to have a RETURNING guest today on the podcast! If you remember back to episode 7, we had a video game guard on the show. Well Master Mike, as he's now called, has returned with a promotion! That's right, he's now a mini-boss. He talks to us about how his life has changed since the big upgrade. Enjoy!

Starring TJ Del Reno (@tjdelreno)



Episode 44 - Skinny Ice Hockey Player

January 29, 2018

EVERYONE you knew had "Ice Hockey" for the NES. From this very fun, classic game, please join us as we welcome the Skinny Ice Hockey player! He talks with us about his life, what it was like playing with Fats and Medium, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Enjoy!

(Starring Christian Polanco, @ChrisPolanco, @SoccerCooligans & http://soccercooligans.com/)



Episode 43 - Diddy Kong

January 22, 2018

2018 CONTINUES to be amazing here at Playable Characters Podcast! We are so excited to have the adorably amazing Diddy Kong this week! He talks to us about Super Smash Bros, his own games, Donkey Kong, and his feud with his 'friend' Dixie Kong. Enjoy!

(Starring Bobby Hankinson, @bobbyhank)



Episode 42 - Soldier from Battlefield 1

January 15, 2018

Such a humbling honor today to have a veteran of Battlefield 1 in the studio. Join us as we welcome this brave soldier and talk about what it's like to be out there on the front lines kicking ass and taking names. Give it up for him and all the pixelated troops as you listen to this amazing episode.

Starring Justin Perez (@JustinPerez on Twitter, @TheFartBox on Instagram)