Episode 27 - Resident Evil Housekeeper

October 2, 2017

What better way to kick off the scariest month of the year than talking with a housekeeper from the Resident Evil franchise! Miriam the maid has SEEN IT ALL! She's lived a weird and creepy life that is super interesting (and hilarious). And for the first time ever...the first PCP Plot Twist! Stay tuned until the end (as if you weren't going to anyway duh)

Starring Julke Kottakis (@theweirdjulie on instagram)

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Episode 26 - Ms. Pac-Man

September 25, 2017

I mean...just c'mon. THE most iconic woman in video game history is with us today. The AMAZING Ms. Pac-Man! It was truly an honor for us to sit down with this trailblazer and learn about what she's up to now as well as the good ol' days of gaming.

(Starring Katina Corrao - @katinacorrao)



Episode 25 - Dave “Big Dave” Davis

September 18, 2017

Holy smokes we made it to 25 episodes!!! To celebrate this never-before-achievement in podcasting, we welcome Sonic the Hedgehog...'s agent, Dave "Big Dave" Davis! Talk about someone who just KNOWS the business, DBDD tells us all about the inside-outs and outside-ins of this crazy industry of video games that we all know and love. Enjoy!

Starring Patrick Hastie (@PatrickHastie, @NostalgicFront)

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Episode 24 - Leisure Suit Larry

September 11, 2017

HEYYYYYY LADIES!!! One of our most asked for guests is with us this week, Leisure Suit Larry! We finally got him in the studio, in between picking up chicks at the local bar. Larry gives a lot of life advice and tells you how to talk to women, the Larry Laffer way. Starring Ron Barba.



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Episode 23 - Gaseous Snake from Metal Gear

September 4, 2017

It's not every day you get to speak to a top secret agent. We keep that tradition alive this week and get to talk with a 'snake' clone from the Metal Gear series. Join us as we chat with G-Snake about how he passes time on the bases and what growing up as a clone was like.

Starring Aalap Patel (@comedianaalap)



Episode 22 - Pilot from Asteroids

August 28, 2017

The legendary Carl "Sweet Water" Johnson joins us today in the studio. Who's that, you ask? Oh, only a pilot from the original Atari classic, Asteroids! Listen in as he tells us what life was like in the good ol' days as a military man trying to protect the world from space boulders.

Starring Brian Scott McFadden (@bscottmcfadden)

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Episode 21 - Q-Bert

August 21, 2017

A true legend joins us today as we talk to a veteran of the gaming world. The orange...thing...himself, Q-Bert! Life hasn't gone the way he'd hoped so it was an honor for Q to let us in on what happened back in the 80's. 

Starring Dan Goodman (@danielgoodman)

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Episode 20 - Bullet Bill

August 14, 2017

20 episodes?!?!? Who knew this podcast would last this long? We did, kinda, but here we are and still going strong! Speaking of strong (killer seg) this week we have Bullet Bill join us in the studio! He's big, he's a bullet, and his name is Bill. Once again we dig up more dirt on the 'hero' Mario and find out what it's like to spend your life as a bullet. Enjoy!

Starring Joe Leonardo (@ImJoeLeonardo)



Episode 19 - Link & Navi

August 7, 2017

HEY! LISTEN! This week we have the incredibly famous and heroic hero of Hyrule, Link! We're beyond thrilled to have one of the most legendary and recognizable characters in gaming history join us in the studio. As always he's joined by his trusted fairy, Navi. Now look, this podcast is about real video game characters keeping it real and things get quite real between Link and Navi. You'll see. Leave us a nice rating/review, tell a friend, all that fun stuff. Enjoy!

(Starring Patrick Reidy - @ThePatReidy)




Episode 18 - Tanooki Suit

July 31, 2017

If you're going to interview a suit, why not interview the coolest suit to ever appear in a video game? That's right, we're talking to the one and only Tanooki Suit this week! We get more dirt on Mario and what it's like being an actual Tanooki Suit. Enjoy!

(Starring Chelsea White - @thechelseawhite)

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